Add Sawmill Location and Staff details

The Manage Company section allows Users to manage locations and staff information. It can be reached via Settings menu

The Location section displays the list of locations. User can add a new location using the Add New Location option. User can also edit the details of a location/ delete a location by clicking the Edit/ Delete option. 


The Staff section allows User to view a list of all your staff members and the list of registered staff members. It also allows User to invite staff to register on Timber Exchange

The Invite Staff section displays the list of all invited staff members. User can invite any of their staff members to register on Timber Exchange using the Invite option.

The Company Name, Country, Type of Business is pulled automatically from Company Profile page. So please ensure that all your information is updated under Profile section (by going to Settings > Profile). 

To view how to update Profile information please go to the following link:

Also, ensure that Location is updated on the portal in order to fill up the Location information.

Staff invitation email language can be set here based on requirement, the platform currently has 5 international languages support for invitation email: English, Arabic, Russian, German and Chinese.

The Registered Staff section displays the list of all Users staff members who are registered with Timber Exchange. User can assign location(s) to registered staff by selecting the location(s) from the Location dropdown list.


Setup Home and Primary Sell Currency

As export sales can be in both Euro and USD hence we can merge and summarise in one currency, the primary currency. Home currency is conversion of sales and credits to local home currency. The Finance Settings section allows to set Home Currency and Primary Sell Currency for transactions.


Finance Setting can be reached via Settings> Finance Settings

Home Currency and Primary Sell currency can be chosen from the drop-down list on the page

Fill in my Profile information?

Profile settings page can be reached by Settings> Profile from Top right corner


User Profile Information consists of Users personal information such as name, phone number, email address and username, User company information such as company name, brand name, address, business ID / VAT, business type, established in, company introduction, website and User banking information such as the name of the bank, IBAN number, swift code, and bank address.

User can update/ edit their profile information such as Personal Information, Company Information, and Banking Information using this option.


How to update profile kindly refer to following link:


How to upload certificate kindly refer to following link :


How to upload photos kindly refer to following link :


To change Logo kindly refer to following link :


Increase security of Profile

The Security section allows management of IP addresses which can access your account as well as setup of two factor authentication.

For setting up 2FA ensure that your Phone number is updated in Profile section. Password can be changed via Setting options and by clicking on Change Password tab.

You can access more Security related FAQ at below link: