Deal can be shared within your network and staff via the Settings>Share Deal Data. It is important that you and your staff member are connected before sharing and collaborating on deal. In case your staff member is already on the platform but you are not connected, you can connect with your staff via the Network link>Send Request. In case your staff member is not on the platform, member can be invited on the portal via the Settings>Manage Company link on left and invite the staff member via the Staff member tab.

Once the invitation is sent and accepted by the staff member, you are ready to collaborate with each other. Now you can go-to Share deal link under Setting tab and share deal with your staff members. Once the deal is shared this will allow this person to see the selected deal you have created on his portal. Thing to be noted is that the deals can be only shared by you (being the original creator). Your staff member will not be able to share the shared deals to them. Also an Agent user can not share a deal to another Agent staff.