Tracking is about adding courier, bulk vessel or container details on a deal so that the items can be tracked actively via the Timber exchange portal . From the tracking tab you can see and manage different types of tracking required for international trade including Bulk vessels, container shipments and courier deliveries. Our service is integrated with many different leading companies in order and have been further refined to provide users with in-depth analytics of shipments, provide automatic updates to deal participants

The add tracking data section is updated regularly and visible to all the deal participants including details such as:

- Bulk vessel (If the selected freight type of deal is Bulk) - By searching and selecting vessel from global database Vessel name at Add tab, the information is added to Bulk tab.

- Container (If the selected freight type of deal is Container) - By selecting Shipping line and adding BL number (BL number can be auto filled if it’s being added through deal pop up> Contract tab), scheduled milestones are fetched from shipping line, viewable to deal participants and regularly updated. BL number can be added during Container tracking inclusion.

- Courier (Courier details to track the shipment). Tracking can be added only at Active deals stage. Once tracking info is added by supplier, the sender and receiver of the courier delivery will be able to see it. BL number can be added during Container tracking inclusion.

Adding Tracking task can be achieved by going to any deal which can be found under export/import tab and by clicking on active deals

  • Once in the Deal pop up window you can choose tracking link from the left. 

  • After clicking Tracking you can click on Add+ tab and see that you have options of adding Vessel name, Courier name, Container etc.

  • To add courier detail, you can add Courier details via the Add+ tab again. 

  • Post filling up the courier detail, clicking on Add  can show the courier detail in Courier tab as well.