Supply offer is created by Supplier and sent to the customer(s) in different ways based on different ‘offer type’, by selection of ‘delivery details’, by selection of visibility options and by selection of different payment terms.

  • There are 2 offer types available for Supplier while creating Supply tender:

A) Ready to Buy: If a Supplier wants to sell his stock in fixed price rate, he will choose Ready to Buy offer type for the Supply offer. Invited Importer(s) can only be able to counter on offered volume in this case.

B) Tender: If a Supplier has stock and wants to sell, he will choose Supply tender. Invited Importer(s) can be able to counter offer on both offered volume and price.


  • Delivery Details is solely depended on the selection of incoterms and respective ‘Location’ details (Select Export Port, Select Import port or Select Location)
  • 4 Visibility types are available for the Supplier to select from:

    A) Visible only to my customers: This visibility option will enable the supply offer to be visible to only Importers who are connected to the Supplier’s network.
    B) Visible to only selected customers of mine: This will give provision to the Supplier to choose one or multiple Importers from a dropdown list who are connected with the Supplier’s network.
    C) Visible to all customers on platform: With this visibility option all Importers in the platform will be able to see the Supply offer and can then counter offer as well.
    D) Visible to all customers in specific countries: Supplier can choose one or multiple Destination countries and all importers in the platform of those selected countries can view the supply offer.

  • Payment Terms are available for selection during Add Supply offer. Term can be negotiable or nonnegotiable. Negotiable Payment terms can be countered by the respective Importer if any discrepancies happens with the agreed terms between Supplier and Importer. Payment term can be approved at the time of the Offer selection process.

Notes: Supplier can send offer to only one destination (Import Port) if the offer type is ‘Ready to buy’ and multiple destinations when the offer type is ‘Tender’ (Depending on chosen Incoterm if Import port has to be considered).

Upon agreed volume and price of the offer, Supplier can be able to accept Importer’s counter offer by selecting ‘Accept Last Countered Volume/Value of all products’ button. When an offer is ‘Approve and Proceed’ by the Supplier, it moves to Negotiations Deal stage.

During the Negotiations stage most of the details can be changed as and if it is required.

Notes: If Supplier approves an Importer offer with offered volume and still wants to get counter from other Importers on the same offer, he needs to increase the offer volume from ‘Update Product Stock’ option from the Action button of the Supply offer at listing page (Otherwise all other importers would see the offered product as ‘Out of stock’ in the Offer Review page).